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Not only are solar systems environmentally friendly, they tend to pay themselves off within 3 to 6 years based on your usage. A solar electricity system is very low maintenance, good solar panels can last up to 20-30 years. We only use the best reputable solar brands that come with incredible warranties.

Additionally, not only will you reduce your energy bills by directly using solar generated power, but you’ll also receive a solar feed tariff for energy you export to the electricity grid. This can reduce your energy bills even further and even earn you potential income.


Battery Storage 

Technology is becoming bigger and better every day. By using a storage battery for your solar power, you can completely go off the grid. We install only the best products for longer life and more power in power outages. Quality is what we do. 

Domestic & Commercial

Solar isn't just for your home, it can be beneficial for commercial applications as most energy consumption occurs during the day and a solar system can minimise your business expenses. 

Financing Solar

We are also now offering finance for solar systems up to $20,000. Get in touch with CJ Electricall today to see how much you can save and start reaping the benefits of solar. 


6.6 kW systems starting at $4490

10.6 kw systems starting at $5690

13.2 kw systems starting at $7890


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